These interactive books, with pro-level tips and scenario-based exercises employ a unique don't-sweat-it style of learning that cuts to the chase and makes learning fun. Forget memorization: interesting quizzes, humorous graphics and end-of-chapter exercises reinforce learning.


While they are a superior self-learning guide for students on their own, Quick Learn Guides are also exceptional tools for teachers in the classroom environment. These books utilize a high-level of interaction, combining repetition with novelty, illustrations, and humor to maximize learning.

About the Author

Expert reimbursement and coding educator Randall A. Simmons, M.Ed., CRCR has been developing and delivering training in the healthcare reimbursement field for more than three decades. He is skilled at taking complex material and making it easy to learn.

Medical Terminology Quick Learn
Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Quick Learn is the easiest way to learn medical terminology.
No long boring lists of words to memorize. You'll learn to effortlessly comprehend words like: cholecystolithiasis, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, and hysterosalpingography.

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Medical Coding Quick Learn
Medical Coding

Medical Coding Quick Learn is a must-have companion to the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology.
New and experienced medical office workers will learn to easily navigate the codes to quickly find the right code.

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ICD-10-CM Quick Learn

ICD-10-CM Quick Learn is a must-have companion to the ICD-10-CM code book. 
Learn to easily navigate the 70,000+ codes, cutting through the confusion to get prompt reimbursement and decrease claim denials.

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